James Miles


James grew up in a Caregiving home.   When he was 9 years old his family moved from Illinois to the family farm in Pennsylvania that his father grew up in to take care of his Mentally Handicapped Uncle.  Uncle Robert had down syndrome, functioned at a 3yr old level, and was incapable of verbal communication.  He knows firsthand what it is like to have to make decisions based on what a handicapped adult in the household is capable or incapable of doing.


Recently a friend of his had a parent that was in an institutional assisted living facility that was not equipped to handle his situation  His friend had to deal with the stress of having to find a new place for her parent on short notice because he wasn’t aware of his surroundings.  The facility had a high resident-to-staff ratio, so they were not able to take care of his needs.


With James’ experience in real estate investing and his entrepreneurial spirit, he trained to become a Certified Residential Assisted Living Specialist and began developing a Residential Assisted Living Home where he can provide the care that residents need in a smaller home model with a much lower resident-to-caregiver ratio.

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