Foster Estates / Johnson Acres

The serene and picturesque beauty that is found in the Foster Estates / Johnson Acres neighborhood, along with its proximity to many historical sites, makes it an excellent location for those looking to call Carmel home.

The Foster Estates / Johnson Acres community is an exclusive location in the city where you can find some of America’s most expensive real estate. The median price for this Carmel neighborhood reaches $489,184, which makes it more costly than 97.5 percent of all neighborhoods across Indiana and 74% nationwide.

Home to some of Carmel’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the Foster Estates / Johnson Acres community is a veritable hot spot for those looking for single-family homes. With large (four bedroom) or medium-sized properties (three bedrooms), it’s easy enough to find your perfect fit. The community boasts an excellent school district with many educational opportunities for its residents as well as proximity to major roads, making it easy going life while still being close enough if you need quick access.

The beautiful Foster Estates / Johnson Acres neighborhood is a thriving community with many residents who have been there for years. Many homes in this part of town were constructed between 1970 and 1999, but newer ones can be found too.

With a higher percentage of owner-occupied real estate than any other neighborhood in America, you can be sure that this area is full of people who have made their homes here.

Though some Americans may find themselves in a more difficult position during economic downturns, the residents here suffer less and recover faster than most. This is an extraordinary characteristic of this Carmel area that sets it apart from anywhere else across our great nation. The Foster Estates / Johnson Acres neighborhood has been ranked as being richer than 97% percent of other areas throughout America- but what makes these individuals truly unique among their peers? Simply put: They’re rich.

When you’re eyeing a family-friendly neighborhood in the city of Carmel, look no further than Foster Estates / Johnson Acres. This community has it all: top-notch public schools that will keep your kids educated; low crime rates so they can play outside without fear of being robbed or hurt on their way home from school (or any other time); homes with big yards where families feel safe taking walks together after dinner as night falls—all while living conveniently close to everything downtown provides.

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