Windemere is a beautiful, serene suburban neighborhood located in the city of Carmel. The area features lush trees and calming views that are perfect for those looking to escape from the hustle-bustle outside their doorsteps.

In the Windemere community, you’ll find a neighborhood with the best of everything. The median real estate price here is over $779K which makes it more expensive than 98.5 percent of Indiana neighborhoods and 83.6 percent of American communities.

In the Windemere neighborhood of Carmel, there is a wide variety of real estate. Some homes have as many bedrooms and bathrooms while others only require one or two rooms for living space but still offer large backyard spaces perfect if you’re eyeing building an extension onto your house.

The majority of homes in the Windemere community are owner-occupied, with many having been constructed between 1970 and 1999. A few newer constructions can also be found here; they were constructed after 2000.

Windemere is a beautiful suburban neighborhood in which people live extremely well. While many other neighborhoods across America struggle with economic downturns, the residents here have been able to bounce back from their problems more quickly than most others because they’re so tremendously wealthy – concentratedly so, even when compared against all imaginable differences between them.

This is a fabulous upper-class Carmel neighborhood where the people are educated and wealthy. In addition, most adults here have careers that keep them busy but allow for comfortable living conditions if you’re an executive looking to keep company like this.

The Windmere area has some really amazing features: it’s more accepting towards executives than 99% of other Indiana neighborhoods; there are high real estate appreciation rates on purchases made by those who move into homes here (versus renting).

The people of the Windemere neighborhood may have a secret weapon to help their marriage last. A higher percentage than average, almost 69.4 percent are married – a higher percentage than found in 97.3 percent of the neighborhoods across the United States.

About 71% of people in this Carmel neighborhood are executives and professionals. They live here with their families or alone; it’s an expensive place to call home because of all the amenities that exist within its walls, but they’re worth every penny.

In the Windemere neighborhood, you will find some seriously rich people. This Carmel area has an incredibly higher income than 98.3% of other areas across America.

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