Northwood Hills

Northwood Hills is a quiet, serene suburban neighborhood in Carmel area. This cozy community offers residents all they need for an easy lifestyle with plenty to do within close proximity, including shopping and restaurants.

Northwood Hills is an exclusive community with amazing views. The median real estate price of $424,326 makes it more costly than 96% of the neighborhoods across Indiana and 68.8 percent across America.

The Northwood Hills community is a great place to live if you’re eyeing high-end living at its finest. With an average rental price of $3,205 per month and a cost that’s higher than 99% of other neighborhoods in Indiana, this area really stands out as one where only the elite will do quite nicely.

The picturesque Northwood Hills is a great place to call home if you’re eyeing something between city life and country comfort. The community has an array of homes that range from small single-family houses and two-bedroom apartments all the way up to large five-bedroom plus apartments.

The Northwood Hills neighborhood is a place where you can find both old favorites and new homes. Many of this Carmel area’s residences were constructed between 1970-1999, with some dating even after 2000 or more recently released by their owners after being renovated for today’s modern lifestyles.

Additionally, Northwood Hills is a neighborhood where people take their relationships seriously. The high percentage of marriages in this Carmel area could have something to do with it, as well: 82% or more residents here are also married, which represents an even higher proportion than you’ll find across most parts of America.

The Northwood Hills community is a family-friendly neighborhood where you can find great schools and low crime rates. In addition, many homes are owner-occupied, which makes it easy for families to socialize with each other while developing their sense of community at the same time.

With all of the amenities a family needs to thrive in their Northwood Hills neighborhood, this is a superb choice for families with school-aged kids. In addition, it’s also very good if you are considering not just relaxation but more culture and adventure too.

Northwood Hills is a place where the wealthy reside and luxuries are prioritized. The area has been known to be home for those who can afford such high prices and maintain them over time with real estate like this one which tends not only to keep its value but also increase in worth when compared to other neighborhoods around town.

The people in this Carmel community have a net worth that is amongst the highest per capita of any neighborhood across America. They also live life with an abundance, as seen by their luxury cars on display around town or insurmountable property values for those lucky enough to be living here already.

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